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WINTER 2020 UPDATE: Our Canadian letter-boards are now made in Canada and are shipped from King City, ON via Canada Post. Our Barbados letter-boards continue to be made in and distributed from Barbados.
Due to Covid-19 the Barbados Postal Service is currently not accepting any International outgoing mail. There are other options such as DHL and Fed-Ex but they tend to be expensive. If you have friends travelling back to your country we can arrange to send boards with them.
Because of the above we have disabled the shipping calculator and on-line checkout and now deal with shipping details manually. Current payment options include interac eTransfer, Credit Card and Paypal.
TO ORDER A BOARD please scroll down and click on the Start Building Now button.  Once your word is complete click Add to Basket, take a screenshot of your basket and email it to us at We will respond right away…
Welocme board

About The Boards

We have two alphabets, one from the beautiful island of Barbados and the other from the equally beautiful Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Both contain over 400 letters, numbers and symbols, each of which is captioned to show what it is and where it was shot. Images are mounted on 1/8” PVC and measure 4.5” x 2.7” and simply slot into the board. No glue, no tape, no nothing. Each board is hand-made from pine and then pickled with a water-based emulsion.    
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About Us

Mike Toy developed his interest in photography while living and working in the Canadian Rockies in the early 1980's. Following a five-year stint as a commercial photographer in the offshore oil industry he moved to Barbados to pursue more creative avenues. Specialising in architecture and interiors he has photographed over four hundred of the region's most prestigious hotels, resorts and private residences. He also shoots lifestyle, fashion, food and underwater and contributes regularly to a number of international publications. To date he has photographed nine books and maintains an extensive on-line library of Caribbean Stock Photography. A comprehensive selection of his imagery, both personal and commercial, can be seen at